Closure Optional Ep. 13 – Lucas Stone, Musician

Closure Optional Ep. 13 – Lucas Stone, Musician

Lucas is a Musician, formerly the frontman for the Aussie Hardcore band, HELM, and currently the guitarist for Hammers. He’s been through some crazy shit in his life and we only just scratched the surface in this conversation, but its full of all kinds of ideas about how to stay connected to your purpose and your passions despite the curious desire to shoot liquid Death into your arm to escape your own consciousness.

You can find out more about Lucas’s solo project here, and check out the new Hammers EP here. They’re also touring around the East coast next month so get out in the real world and call him a cunt for all of us. Just don’t take a selfie while you’re at it for god’s sakes.

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6 thoughts on “Closure Optional Ep. 13 – Lucas Stone, Musician

  1. Love your work. This guy has had a major effect on how successfully well I have lived my life. He is my brother in friendship, my mentor through work, my inspiration through music, my guide through my hardest of times, and my best friend everyday. Stoked to hear this conversation be put out there for people.

    1. Ah man rad, that’s so good to hear – he’s an absolute legend ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be getting him back on here again for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

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