apps. it’s official

Newest project – this is a “proof of concept” for a TV show that we’d like to make… Facebook announces a new relationship status which sends Tinder on a desperate bid to save his own skin.

If you like it, please watch the video to the end and share it wherever you please 🙂

Latest Episodes

Video Production

Video Projects:

APPS. “It’s Official” – Proof of Concept sketch for a web-series titled, “apps.”. This sketch was developed in partnership with Screen Queensland in order to, hopefully, turn this concept into a fully-funded series.

Commissioned Work – Promotional videos and various freelance work for the Muay Thai industry.

Baby G’s Champtown – My vlog about being a champion and legend and blackbelt in Muaythai and changing the world one spinning doublepunch at a time.

The Pervert’s Guide to Art Criticism – In this series, I bring the world of the arts to you in a non-pretentious (but possibly self-indulgent) and certainly unqualified, way. If you love art but hate thinking, or love thinking but hate art, then come with me and I’ll show you how to stop being such a cunt.


Roughly and pretentiously speaking, the general theme in my artwork is perception and (subsequent) deception.  Reality seems malleable, and is certainly tainted by our own perceptions – which is further confused by the perceptions of people around us. My aim is to seek connection to myself, and to something meaningful outside of my own head, through visual representations of our internal and external worlds.

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