Closure Optional Ep. 14 – Mick and Tash, Smoking Martha

Closure Optional Ep. 14 – Mick and Tash, Smoking Martha

Mick and Tash created the band Smoking Martha out of a need to cure a mounting existential crisis trapped inside Tash’s throat (and to give some direction and meaning to Mick’s determination to only do shit he loves). They collected a couple more talented musicians, Matty on Bass and Jordy on Drums, and the creature was born. They’re a hard sound to describe – punk and soul and blues and rock – but the label becomes irrelevant when you hear it; Tash’s voice really has to be felt to be believed. This is a great conversation about music and doing what’s right by your heart, and as a bonus, they also played a few amazing songs live in the studio.

Come out and see them play at the Dead Of Winter Festival on July 7th in Brisbane, and they’ll be supporting Hammers on their EP launch Tour around the East Coast. Also, if you’re 20 and don’t know yet about the real world, you can also find Smoking Martha on all the normal online channels, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and at their website,

Thank you, as always for listening XOXOXO


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