Closure Optional, Ep. 27 – Abraham Garfield, Sports Psychologist

Closure Optional, Ep. 27 – Abraham Garfield, Sports Psychologist

Abraham Garfield is a Sports Psychologist, a Rapper, and a World-Class Ultimate Frisbee Player – he runs Summit Sports Psychology which aims to improve your wellbeing, leadership and performance abilities through holistic Psychology. He also runs the Athlete Recovery Academy which helps athletes get back to their peak mental state after an injury or traumatic event that is impacting their ability to do their best. This is a great conversation about the mind: how to strengthen your resilience to traumatic events, why 10 day Silent Meditation Retreats are like picking a fight with a UFC fighter because you’ve done a boxfit class at 9 Rounds and think you’re a legend, and the potential uses of psychedelic substances in psychotherapy.

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