Closure Optional Ep. 28 – The War on Drugs with Me, the Addict

Closure Optional Ep. 28 – The War on Drugs with Me, the Addict

This episode is just me on my lonesome talking about the origins of the War on Drugs and a little bit o new research into the root causes of addiction. This whole podcast is informed and mostly based on the book, Chasing the Scream, by Johann Hari, who will be a guest on Closure Optional next month to discuss the ideas in this book, and his new book about the causes of Depression and Anxiety, Lost Connections.

Here are the links to everything that I reference in the podcast, please do send me any questions, ideas, references to cool shit about this stuff because I love it.

Thanks for listening as always

Johann Hari’s Ted Talk –

The House I Live in – Documentary:

  1. The New Jim Crow – Book about the racial history of the War on Drugs by Michelle Alexander
  2. Dr. Carl Hart – Neuroscientist and Drug Reform Activist
  3. Dr. Gabor Mate – Addiction Specialist
  4. Link to MCUA Petition for Cannabis Decriminalisation in Australia:
  5. John Oliver’s silly video on the very scary Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws:


Wikipedia and Web References:


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