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Closure Optional Ep. 62 – Paul George, Musician – Tijuana Cartel

Ah man what a great conversation! Paul is the singer and guitarist for Tijuana Cartel, a Gold Coast band that he created with Carey O’sullivan. This is a wonderfully tangential conversation about the nature of music, creativity, and how to create and destroy yourself all at once. If you’d like to check out more of […]

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Closure Optional Ep. 32 – Jay Bainbridge and Matt Bartlem, Arroyo

Jay and Matt are musicians from the band (group?), Arroyo – I don’t know the difference between a band and a group, but these guys are fucking rad. This is a great conversation about music, art, the vulnerability of being someone with something to say, how commercialised art can be a disgusting mis-representation of it’s […]

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Closure Optional Ep. 26 – Kurt Chatfield (V2), Musician

Kurt has been a guest before, he’s a musician and philosopher, and a very good friend of mine; this is a great conversation about love and relationships, experiencing bullshit artists and trying to be less of an asshole when dealing with them, and even a little exploration of how Crypto Currencies are the new Wild-West. […]

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