Closure Optional Ep. 62 – Paul George, Musician – Tijuana Cartel

Closure Optional Ep. 62 – Paul George, Musician – Tijuana Cartel

Ah man what a great conversation! Paul is the singer and guitarist for Tijuana Cartel, a Gold Coast band that he created with Carey O’sullivan. This is a wonderfully tangential conversation about the nature of music, creativity, and how to create and destroy yourself all at once.

If you’d like to check out more of what they’ve got to offer, please go to their bandcamp here:

They also have a website here, facebook here, and Instagram here.

Also the video below is one of the singles from their latest release and it was animated by none other than Carey O’sullivan himself, and it’s fucking amazing.

Thank you as always for listening!!!!

Music Video for Tijuana Cartel’s Ishtar

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