Closure Optional Ep. 75 – Danny McStay, Provisional Psychologist at Lives Lived Well

Closure Optional Ep. 75 – Danny McStay, Provisional Psychologist at Lives Lived Well

Danny is the Senior Provisional Psychologist at Mirikai, a live-in Rehab facility on the Gold Coast for people who are struggling with Addiction, or as they say, ‘Substance Use Disorder’. He provides and coordinates psychotherapy services for clients and residents, and also, casually, flies to Africa to stop illegal poachers from killing wildlife…

This is a really cool conversation about the nature of addiction and mental health in general, and he gives a great overview of what services are available, right now, for people who are struggling with substance use, including support for their families.

To stay at one of these facilities, run by a company called “Lives Lived Well“, it only costs 85% of the Centrelink Benefit, so it’s absolutely affordable for those in need. But not everyone wants or needs to go to a live-in centre, so it was cool to know that there are a bunch of different options available through Lives Lived Well for anyone impacted by addiction.

If you’d like to know more, you can check out all their services here. If you are struggling, yourself, please give them a call at 1300 727 957 and they will make sure you get the right level of help for your specific needs. 

Thank you for listening, as always!

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