Closure Optional Ep. 71 – Chaos and Boredom (and Buddhism)

Closure Optional Ep. 71 – Chaos and Boredom (and Buddhism)

Ooooh this episode is all about how I (or, possibly, we) react to change, and how I’ve managed to get myself out of chaos through chanting nonsense in my bedroom. I ramble about how we mislead ourselves, how strong our minds are, and one way of possibly getting away from the suffering of our minds through a Buddhist idea called the Lotus Sutra. 

Reference LINKS:

  1. The Middle Way
  2. Eight Fold Path 
  3. Lotus Sutra
  4. Upaya – adjusting to the student – 
  5. Slideshow Nammyohorengekyo –
  6. Chant
  7. Peace Preservation Law (Japan)

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