Closure Optional Ep. 58 – Prof. Leon Petchkovsky, Psychiatrist

Closure Optional Ep. 58 – Prof. Leon Petchkovsky, Psychiatrist

Professor Leon Petchkovsky Phd. is a retired Professor of Psychiatry, the Director of the Pinniger Clinic in Robina, and is currently writing a book about Nurturance as it relates to Developmental Neuroscience and Psychology. If that sounds like a lot, it is, he’s 76, and very clever.

This is a great conversation about what can go right and wrong in the development of a human mind, some ways to fix it, and why proper Nurturance is one of the most crucially important missing elements in our modern society today.  Also, he shares some very fun stories about working with Indigenous communities across Australia, and losing his identity to a few monstrous Ketamine trips during his research.

To see more of what Leon has done, and is working on, please visit his website here.

The cover photo here was taken from this article, and is an aerial view of Yuendumu, NT.

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