Closure Optional, Ep. 24 – Cameron Reilly, Author

Closure Optional, Ep. 24 – Cameron Reilly, Author

What are you, the thing that’s reading this? Are you the thing thinking about what you are, or are you the things that you think you are? Are you your mind, your body, or your memories? What if those things change, are you still you?! If that seems like a mindfuck, it is, but your mind needs lovin too and it’s about time you gave it some action.

Cameron Reilly is a philosopher and author of the book, The Three Illusions, where he demonstrates the idea that Free Will, your SELF, and Time are all illusions. He believes that by understanding the nature of these illusions, you can rid your life of fear, guilt, anxiety and anger, and become a much better version of your (un) self.

Cameron also runs the first ever Australian Podcast Network and a bunch of podcasts therein, as well as producing a new documentary about the historical Jesus which is sure to be fun for everyone.

If you’d like a free copy of his book, please send him an email at and he’ll send you the ebook for free.


Free Will – Book about the illusion of Free Will by Sam Harris

You are Now Less Dumb – Book about Cognitive Biases by David McRaney


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