Closure Optional, Ep. 21 – John Wayne Parr, Fighter

Closure Optional, Ep. 21 – John Wayne Parr, Fighter

“John” Wayne Parr is a 10 x World Champion Muay Thai Fighter and, with his wife Angie, the owner of Boonchu Gym on the Gold Coast. There are very few people in the world who have accomplished as much as Wayne has in his sport and yet he is one of the humblest and nicest people I’ve met. Not only because of his fighting but also because of who he is, John Wayne Parr is considered legendary in Thailand, which is a HUGE accomplishment for anyone, but especially, for a Westerner. He will go down in history as of one of the best in the world, but he’s not done yet! He’s currently signed with Bellator Kickboxing, and you can find him training or teaching every day at his gym, or at Boonchu Restaurant in Broadbeach where everything started.

If you want to see any of the places he talks about in this podcast, check out his documentary, Blessed With Venom – he goes back to Thailand and it’s really incredible to see how much he loves and respects the country, the people, and their national sport.

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