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Closure Optional Ep. 67 – The Fckwit In Our Heads

In this episode I’m talking about the construction of a Fuckwit inside our heads (I only know for sure about mine, but I’ve met a few of yours too) through stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, other people, and the world. This is an extension on an idea that I talked briefly about in the […]

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Closure Optional Ep. 60 – Truuune, the Authenticity Problem

In this episode I discuss some of the real life bullshit that gets in the way of “being authentic” whatever that means. I discuss the psychology of skirting the truth, and how I came to the realisation that basically everything I’ve done up to this point is an attempt to fill an insatiable blackhole of […]

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Closure Optional Ep. 55 – Phillip J Watt, Sociopolitical Activist

Phillip is a social / political commentator, author, and currently works as a Hypnotherapist in Coffs Harbour. On our Mayventure travels this month, we stopped in to visit him in his office to discuss all things metaphysical, social, and a little bit political, in order to discuss a lot of ideas about better ways of […]

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