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Closure Optional Ep. 71 – Chaos and Boredom (and Buddhism)

Ooooh this episode is all about how I (or, possibly, we) react to change, and how I’ve managed to get myself out of chaos through chanting nonsense in my bedroom. I ramble about how we mislead ourselves, how strong our minds are, and one way of possibly getting away from the suffering of our minds […]

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Closure Optional Ep. 52 – Back to the Centre

In this episode I’m talking about how to get yourself untangled from the tentacles of life, good and bad, through examining a phrase one of my trainers taught me in Muaythai. I discuss the ways that we can lose ourselves in Cults and bullshit, how this works in fighting, and how I think it’s probably […]

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Sobriety Birthday No. 1

I woke up that morning, exactly one year ago today, under a suffocating cloud of dread. I didn’t remember getting into bed, and I didn’t remember anything I said, but the cold empty space at my side reminded me that things had gone horribly wrong. Again. I ran the previous day through my head again; […]

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