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Closure Optional Ep. 26 – Kurt Chatfield (V2), Musician

Kurt has been a guest before, he’s a musician and philosopher, and a very good friend of mine; this is a great conversation about love and relationships, experiencing bullshit artists and trying to be less of an asshole when dealing with them, and even a little exploration of how Crypto Currencies are the new Wild-West. […]

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Closure Optional, Ep. 19 – My Parents! (Artists)

Because, why not! My parents are Conceptual Artists, living and working out of Denver, Colorado. They’ve been in love with each other and making art (and periodically arguing about both of those things) for over 40 years, and this is a great conversation about Art and how to find meaning inside your craft, inside a […]

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Closure Optional Ep. 10 – Benny Mawson, Freedom Float Centre

Benny is the owner of Freedom Float Centre in Burleigh Heads and he’s one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know. We talk about the loneliness and isolation of working offshore, the meaning of human relationships and connectivity, and how wolves will ejaculate on your leg if they think you’re a bitch. Please […]

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