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Closure Optional Ep. 23 – Kaitlin, Fractal Artist

Kaitlin makes art out of Math – now wait, I know that seems boring, but when you realise that everything in our known universe can be drilled down into a simple mathematical pattern, you realise that she’s actually more like God, creating things out of nothing and that’s not boring at all. This is a […]

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Peep Show – 2017

It feels vulnerable to be seen, as you are. But what are you, to the ones doing the seeing? We perceive each other through our own narratives, so the seer is actually the one deciding what we are. In that case, are we ever, truly seen?   This interactive sculpture is a visualisation of the […]

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You’re Full of Shit, and So am I

Have you ever found yourself leaning up against the tiles of your shower wall (or perhaps curled up on the bacteria-riddled floor) wondering, “who the fuck am I?”  If you have, then perhaps you’ll find this interesting; if you haven’t, then you probably need to smoke more weed (and then you might find this interesting)… In […]

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