Closure Optional Ep. 49 – Dusty Rich, Comedian

Closure Optional Ep. 49 – Dusty Rich, Comedian

Dusty is one of a kind; he grew up in the turmoil of Apartheid South Africa, then escaped to England to do drugs and sell electricity to poor people, then cleaned up his act by becoming the drugs himself and channelled all that chaos and trauma into one of the best live performances you’ll ever see. And he’s also an incredible artist, because, why not.

Dusty recently performed his new show, “The Lying King”, at the Adelaide Comedy Festival, Brisbane Comedy Festival, and Gold Coast Laughs Festival, which is an eclectic mix of nonsense that he’s collected and perfected by saying whatever the fuck comes into his head in front of crowds of people over the last 14 years.

If you’d like to see Dusty perform live or see more of his work, you can find everything at He also MC’s weekly at The Arc at Nobbys through Based Comedy, and  also has a (usually) weekly show at Eddies Grub House in Coolangatta. 

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