Closure Optional, Ep. 38 – Manuary and the Illusion of Self

Closure Optional, Ep. 38 – Manuary and the Illusion of Self

In this episode I discuss my recent experiences as a virgin of online dating in the 21st century, and what it showed me about the nature of being a “self”. How do you sell your “self” to dudes on the internet when no one really knows what a “self” is… I give some valuable tips on making a Tinder profile from my extensive week-long experience, and then self-destruct in a metaphysical quagmire about the illusion of “self”.

Show Notes:

  1. I discuss a concept called “Ship of Theseus” or the “Theseus Paradox”
  2. For interesting reading, Sam Harris’ book on “self” – “Waking Up”
  3. Non-regeneration of the Cerebral Cortex
  4. Neuroplasticity – The Brain that Changes Itself, Dr. Norman Doige

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