Closure Optional Ep. 36 – Steve McDonald, PRISM

Closure Optional Ep. 36 – Steve McDonald, PRISM

Steve is a Australian Military Veteran who cured his debilitating PTSD through the exploration of altered states of consciousness; states induced by martial Arts, meditation, and yes, psychedelic compounds. He is one of the founders of PRISM, a non-profit organisation that works to develop and integrate psychedelic research back into mainstream science and medicine in Australia.

Steve is a change consultant and researcher currently specialising in the future of human consciousness, and this is a great conversation about adapting to change, both on a personal level and at a global scale. We discuss climate change, the evolution of human awareness, and the importance of set, setting, and education in exploring altered states of consciousness. 

To see more of what Steve does, please check out his website here.

show notes:

The lecture I’m talking about is here:

PRISM – Psychedelic Research in Science and Medicine

MAPS – Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

Breaking Open the Head – Daniel Pinchbeck – Book about the cultural uses of Psychedelics and Psychedelic research in psychotherapy.

Gregg Braden – Steve mentions his theories on Alien interference with our DNA

Lee Carroll – Channelling information from other dimensions

Michael and Annie Mithoefer – MDMA Assisted Pscyhotherapy

Harm Reduction Australia


Steve’s Radio Show –

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