Closure Optional Ep. 33 – Craig, Peter and Daniel from ‘High As Mike’, Filmmakers

Closure Optional Ep. 33 – Craig, Peter and Daniel from ‘High As Mike’, Filmmakers

We were very lucky to squeeze into the very busy shooting schedule for Craig Wilson, Daniel Raffaele, and Peter Cross as they continue their massive journey across Australia filming a new documentary called ‘High As Mike’. The film follows Mike, a cancer patient with a brain tumour that will eventually leave him blind, as he rides his bicycle around Australia in search of answers about whether or not Medical Cannabis will save his sight. They travel from Tamworth, all the way up to Brisbane and back down again, talking to neuroscientists, Medical Cannabis patients, politicians, lawyers, police and doctors in order to understand if Cannabis works, how to gain access to it legally, and why so many people are still using the black market.

This is a great conversation about the current state of Medical cannabis in Australia; it’s not your usual stoners talking shit about weed, this is a group of men who never thought they’d need Cannabis for anything, and who now are convinced that if they were diagnosed with cancer, their first stop would be Nimbin and not their doctor…

The film will be shown sometime next year, HERE, on the Gold Coast, so I’ll make sure to update you on the dates and times, but you can follow them on Facebook here or instagram here, and they also have a page on the Documentary Australia Foundation webpage, where you can email the team and support the film.

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