Closure Optional Ep. 31 – Jordi Sullivan, The Fight Dietician

Closure Optional Ep. 31 – Jordi Sullivan, The Fight Dietician

Oooweeee this guy is a fantastic bag of bones, muscles and brains (but mostly brains); Jordi helps elite fighters cut weight for MMA and other combat sports in order to safely and effectively achieve their fight weight, which can be a loss of up to 20% of their total body weight!! This is a great conversation about how he helps the best of the best get their body into supreme condition before a fight; we talk about his recent trip to the US to work with the UFC, and his work with our friend, the new WBC World Champion, Ben Johnston, as well as some neat little insights into the psychology of food and addiction.

If you’d like to see more of Jordi and what he gets up to, his facebook page is here, and his instagram is here.



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