Closure Optional Ep. 18 – Katie O’Neill, Cell Biologist

Closure Optional Ep. 18 – Katie O’Neill, Cell Biologist

Katie is a Denver-based (via Harvard of all places!) Cell Biologist currently finishing her PhD in Cancer Research. While serving coffees to celebrities in New York as her Degree in Neuroscience collected dust on a shelf, she realised that the only thing that would make her truly happy was to inspect a monstrous disease under a microscope for the rest of her life.

This is a great conversation about what she’s learned so far, some layman’s breakdowns of what cancer is actually doing with our bodies, and some personal ideas about how to get yourself through feeling like an impostor.

Show Notes:

0:42:00 – Book about Ebola, “The Hot Zone”

0:48:00 – Book about overcoming the Impostor Syndrome, “The Confidence Code”

1:04:00 – Katie recommends a Medical Research Website, Science Based Medicine

1:05:00 – Katie’s Twitter Account, Kioneill

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