Closure Optional, Ep. 9 – Richie Walsh, Fight Trainer

Richie is a Fight Trainer and, with his wife Melissa, created Urban Fight Gym on the Gold Coast. He trained Australian fighting magnates John Wayne Parr, Paul Briggs, and Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett. This is a great conversation filled with insights about life, fighting and family from a living legend.



Show Notes:

The Podcast I’m talking about is Joe Rogan Experience #1109 with Matthew Walker

The book I’m talking about is “You Are Now Less Dumb” by David McRaney

John Wayne Parr is a 10 x World Champion, Australian Muay Thai Fighter, currently fighting for Bellator Kickboxing out of Boonchu Gym on the Gold Coast.

Nathan Corbett is an 11 x World Champion, Australian Muay Thai Fighter, recently retired and is now travelling the world teaching Muay Thai.

Paul Briggs is a World Champion Kickboxer and in his time, a major contender in professional boxing with 30 fights and 26 wins in his professional career.


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