Closure Optional Ep. 6 – Tanveer Roowala, CryptoCurrencies and Addiction

Closure Optional Ep. 6 – Tanveer Roowala, CryptoCurrencies and Addiction

Tanveer is a crypto currencies programmer, an ex-addict, a psychedelic explorer, and a sometimes-stand-up comedian. In this episode we discuss all of those things; we talk about the causes and impacts of both of our previous drug habits, how psychedelics helped us kick them, and how CryptoCurrencies can make you a millionaire if you’re paranoid enough to get your retirement funds out of the government’s reptilian hands.

Show Notes:

Click Here to see some of Tanveer’s Stand-up in Sydney

At 1:00: Tanveer is talking about:

Bitcoin Cash and Monero 

Apps to store your Crypto Currencies:

  1. Copay for Bitcoin Cash
  2. Trust for Ethereum
  3. Cake Wallet for Monero

At 1:16 – Johann Hari, Addiction Specialist; his book is called Chasing the Scream


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2 thoughts on “Closure Optional Ep. 6 – Tanveer Roowala, CryptoCurrencies and Addiction

  1. Tanveer is a good friend of mine who I met in 2009 when he came to England. I’ve only had one bout of major depression in my life and thanks to a bizarre set of coincidences I won’t even go into, he came into my life and helped me out of that shit.

    Great podcast, I’ve shared many similar experiences. My 20’s was very much what you described about getting fucked up because all your art heroes were fucked up. I related to hedonistic characters in movies. As well as Michael J Fox’s character in Bright Lights Big City, mostly I was Sean Penn in HurlyBurly – That word/film became my alias / essence!

    I also have the same approach to energy and drugs where If I’m becoming too unproductive I’ll let the pendulum swing back the other way and try to keep my energy somewhere in the middle

    Really loved hearing my friend speak to such a similarly awesome person! Will be listening to more episodes.

    Funny story, Tanver tried to send me a full Bitcoin about 5-6 years ago, I never bothered even opening the link. Because life has a sense of humour… If Tanveer tells you something, listen.


    1. Ah man, that’s great to hear. I’m really glad you enjoyed it – it’s funny, we think we’re all dark and lonesome and tortured, while all we needed was just to be honest and talk to each other properly. But, you wouldn’t have had such a good friend, or any good stories if you just got on with your life like a normal person haha. Thanks heaps for listening and the feedback, I really appreciate it man. 🙂

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