Closure Optional Ep. 3 – Shayne Hunter, Comedian

Closure Optional Ep. 3 – Shayne Hunter, Comedian

This episode of Closure Optional is about our SELF, how it feels to be a person, and how public speaking turns humans into evolutionary rejects. Shayne is a Stand-up Comedian; he’s been doing comedy for about 10 years with a 4 year detour in what he calls the “Cult” of Antifa in Australia. He’s since realised that the only way to change the world effectively, is to properly examine your own life and get your shit together.

Shayne is currently touring the country with a new show called “Blaze Against the Machine” which is all about the War on Drugs, addiction, and some paraphrased psychology that he’s pulled out of a thousand hours of Jordan Peterson Lectures. He’s an incredibly smart, funny and interesting person, and if you want to see more of his stuff, go to Shayne Hunter on Facebook, or see him at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in April, and the Sydney Comedy Festival in May.



Achieving Our Country, Richard Rorty – Book about Left Wing Politics

Johann Hari – Addiction Specialist, author of Chasing The Scream.

Ben Darso and Nick Sun – Stand up Comedians

Jordan Peterson, Clinical Psychologist and author of 12 Rules for Life (*Note* although I think the picture is silly, I still think he’s one of the best thinkers getting around these days)


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