Closure Optional Ep1 – Justin Chucklefield, Graphic Artist

Closure Optional Ep1 – Justin Chucklefield, Graphic Artist

Justin is a Graphic artist and a Musician from New Zealand; he played in a punk band called Not OK for 10 years, and when that came to an end, he had to seriously reconsider what he wanted to do with his life. Through some self-exploration (not just the dirty kind), determination and hard work, he put himself through school and became a Graphic Designer.

Taking action and making shit, to him, is a matter of life and death – to stop is to drown. This is a conversation about what it takes to not give up on yourself, to push through hard shit, and to find your own meaning through taking action in your life.


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This podcast is made possible by Burleigh Heads and Broadbeach Physiotherapy and Urban Fight Gym

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