APPS – Proof of concept

What do the apps in your phone think of you, based on what you do inside them? In this short “proof-of-concept” sketch, Facebook announces a new relationship status which sends Tinder on a desperate bid to save his own skin. If you like this concept and would like to see it developed into a full series, please watch the video to the end and share it with your friends. The better it does on YouTube, the better chance we have of getting it developed! Thanks for watching!

This video was created with investment from Screen Queensland. For investment / development enquiries please email


This is a collection of freelance video work, mostly in the Muay Thai industry. If you would like to discuss a video project for your business please email me at

personal projects

Closure Optional Previews and Videos:

This is a collection of videos I’ve done for the podcast, either episode previews or additional content based on an episode.

Baby G’s Champtown – Life with the Champ

My vlog about being a champion and legend and blackbelt in Muaythai and changing the world one spinning doublepunch at a time. I’m not just a fighter, I’m an icon, a guru, a spiritual beacon…

The Pervert’s Guide to Art Criticism:

In this series, I bring the world of the arts to you in a non-pretentious (but possibly self-indulgent) and certainly unqualified, way. If you love art but hate thinking, or love thinking but hate art, then come with me and I’ll show you how to stop being such a cunt.