This is a collection of freelance video work, mostly in the Muay Thai industry. If you would like to discuss a video project for your business please email me at

personal projects

Closure Optional Previews and Videos:

This is a collection of videos I’ve done for the podcast, either episode previews or additional content based on an episode.

MuayTarded – Life with the Champ

My vlog about being a champion and legend and blackbelt in Muaythai and changing the world one spinning doublepunch at a time. I’m not just a fighter, I’m an icon, a guru, a spiritual beacon, and just a little Muaytarded.

The Pervert’s Guide to Art Criticism:

In this series, I bring the world of the arts to you in a non-pretentious (but possibly self-indulgent) and certainly unqualified, way. If you love art but hate thinking, or love thinking but hate art, then come with me and I’ll show you how to stop being such a cunt.