Video Production

Video Production

Video Projects:

APPS. “It’s Official” – Proof of Concept sketch for a web-series titled, “apps.”. This sketch was developed in partnership with Screen Queensland in order to, hopefully, turn this concept into a fully-funded series.

Commissioned Work – Promotional videos and various freelance work for the Muay Thai industry.

Baby G’s Champtown – My vlog about being a champion and legend and blackbelt in Muaythai and changing the world one spinning doublepunch at a time.

The Pervert’s Guide to Art Criticism – In this series, I bring the world of the arts to you in a non-pretentious (but possibly self-indulgent) and certainly unqualified, way. If you love art but hate thinking, or love thinking but hate art, then come with me and I’ll show you how to stop being such a cunt.