About Closure Optional

Closure Optional is a collection of raw, honest ideas from people who do hard things.
Sometimes hard things are forced on you, sometimes your life just feels hard, and sometimes you put yourself through hell on purpose to discover your own potential, but nobody suffers in vain when other people can learn from what you’ve done. Regardless of your challenge, I will have talked to someone who can help you through it, and hopefully we can make you laugh a little on the way.
I produce about 4 episodes a month, every Sunday, and the aim is to get the thing funded by the people who listen to it. If you like the podcast, and you think 4 episodes a month are at least half as entertaining as Spotify or Netflix, then you can go to Patreon.com/lornabremner and become a patron for $5 a month.
If you can’t afford to spare the money or that’s not your thing, no worries, it’s just as good to subscribe on your phone, share it with your friends, like the shit on Facebook and Instagram, and get in touch with your own ideas or stories – I’d love to hear from you, and I’m very happy you’re listening.
Much love,

If you’d like to know more, here’s a cute little interview I did with the guys at Blubrry, on their podcast, Podcast Insider. We talk about how I started the podcast, why, what its like to do it and what it’s all about. https://www.podcastinsider.com/2019/08/23/lorna-bremner-closure-optional-pi-153/

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